Investing in Innovation: A Capacity & Liquidity Analysis by ARK Invest


ARK Invest aims for long-term growth of capital, by focusing on its belief that innovation is key to growth. Over the past year, there has been a number of headlines and questions around ARK’s investment process, capacity, liquidity, and ownership concentration. In this webinar, ARK CEO/CIO Catherine Wood, ARK COO Tom Staudt, and ARK Client PM Ren Leggi aim to address these questions head on!

Part of our mission is to help educate investors on the market and the investment opportunities resulting from disruptive innovation. Our ETFs are freed from traditional constraints (sectors, market caps, and geographic boundaries) and are created based on full-picture, top-down research, and classic bottom-up financial analysis. We implement active management of high conviction portfolios, seeking to capitalize on rapid change and avoid companies likely to be displaced by innovation.

We hope you find this webinar helpful and, as always, stay innovative!