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Defining and Measuring Transparency

January 07, 2022 | The Switch

ARK Invest,

This season of “The Switch” is focused on how transparency can impact an organization’s success. In our first episode, ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, is joined by CEO of Transparency Invest, Dr. Rainford Knight. Transparency Invest believes transparent companies have less friction, superior cultures, greater innovation and create impact that results in higher level growth. To kick off Season 5, Tom and Dr. Knight discuss what it means to be transparent and the six key performance indicators utilized by Transparency Invest.

‘The Switch’

The Switch, a weekly video series created by ARK Invest, aims to correct misinformation and help investors understand ETFs and investing in innovation. Each season, we’re joined by ETF Trends and ETF Database to help us break down a specific topic so that you and your portfolio can stay on the right side of technological change.

We hope every episode delivers that “light-bulb moment” of realization and clarity, ultimately flipping The Switch!


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Efforts During Periods of Expansion & Contraction

In this episode, we have a new host: ARK Client Portfolio Specialist, Dan White. As always, we’re joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig, to discuss real world evidence of ARK's efforts during expansion and contraction periods. Listen in as we examine the velocity of volatility, role of active management, and the importance of maintaining a long-term investment timeline.


Why Innovation Is Key to an Equity Portfolio

In our final episode this season, ARK Client Portfolio Specialist, Dan White is again joined by ETF Trends CEO, Tom Lydon, and CIO, Dave Nadig to discuss why we believe innovation is key to an equity portfolio. Listen in as we examine how to best understand standard deviation, volatility, risk and how adding innovation could impact one's portfolio.